𝙂𝙤𝙙 𝙈𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙚: IF YOU SKIP – THE DEVIL WINS | God Message Today

my beloved child I Am Your Divine caretaker and I shall never depart from

your side in verdant pastures I shall Grant you Repose and alongside tranquil

streams I shall replenish your spirit I shall direct you along virtuous

Pathways for the glory of my name even amidst the shadowed depths fear no

malevolence for my Vigilant presence shall bring Solace and Assurance to your

heart I will Encompass you with Divine blessings confound those who oppose you

and enrich your spirit with profound Insight your table shall overflow with

abundance and my benevolence and compassion shall accompany you every day

you shall dwell in my Abode immersed in my boundless affection and Tranquility

fear not for I Stand Beside You steadfast in upholding you through all

Endeavors I cradle you within my omnipotent Gra grasp in shrouding you in

my shield of protection and enveloping you with my sacred mantle of love I ardant yearn for you to pursue me

to embrace tenderly the words I impart to you allowing the essence of my message to permeate your

being permit me to inscribe upon the walls of your Consciousness the marvels

of My Affection so you may find Solace and cease doubting whether you Merit The Splendid gifts I in tend for you Embrace

these messages I convey with unwavering faith for I address you directly dare to

place your trust in me release the grip of anxiety fear and sorrow refrain from

harboring them within your heart surrender them once more at my feet and

bestow upon me your trust a new I have Myriad wondrous plans laid out for you

but foremost I seek your unwavering faith and steadfast loyalty your destiny

rests securely in my hands and when you Repose In My Embrace devoid of Doubt or

mistrust my Abundant Blessings shall flow unto you surrender to me your fears

your anxieties The Melancholy that stirs within you it is my fervent wish for you

to experience stability to find Solace with deep affection I impart this to you

Desiring to see you rise Resolute and continue your journey I am preparing you to surmount every

trial and emerge Victorious you are well aware of my

constant presence in the night I illuminate your path by day I Shield you

guarding against the arrows launched by your adversaries Grant my Holy Spirit the

opportunity to mold your character for I desire to instruct you in speaking words

that are spiritual Transcendent and edifying turn to my written word and

discover that I am gentle in heart consistently employing my words to impart healing forgiveness and

benediction I’ve bestowed upon you the strength to emerge Victorious yet the journey commences with your own resolve

encircle yourself with companions who Elevate you Embrace wholesome practices

and steer clear of detrimental influences refuse entry to malevolent

individual uals who seek to infiltrate your life with their deceitful Fabrications and baseless rumors with

their calumnies and overblown tales should you heed their words they

will disrupt the Tranquility I’ve instilled within your heart pilfering your aspirations deriding your Ambitions

and quashing your hopes I will eradicate the inclination to dwell on the past and reconnect with

acquaintances who no longer serve your well-being you shared my message with

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