ARE YOU GOING TO SKIP ME AGAIN? ➨ Gods Message for You

my beloved child I am your God your creator your protector your companion

and your healer I am here to mend your heart and embrace you with my

love whenever you need something just ask with a believing heart and without

any doubt because everything good you hope for can become true your spiritual well-being is my

priority and I yearn for you to grow in love and understand understanding of who I really am every

day remember I am not a Stern father who holds on to your past errors I have

forgiven all your wrongs and by My Sacrifice I have cleared your guilt and

set you free now my focus isn’t on finding your

flaws I only think of your well-being on that cross your future was

secured ahead of you lies a journey of Wonders your path is paved with

Miracles you have listened to me so keep close come to me daily and embrace these

words with your whole heart trust in my plan for you for I see you as Victorious

and thriving don’t use past failures or your current circumstances as excuses don’t

say you’re too old to achieve greatness change that mindset see

yourself as I see you you are my beloved child

I picked you out from the crowd reached out and called your name you responded to me and your

blessings were secured even before the world was made now all you need to do is

live by faith let go of any doubts avoid distractions stand up and be bold in

your Pursuits progress with determination resilience and steadfast

faith I know the challenges have been tough but charge forward with whatever strength and Faith you have left and I

will increase your might and support you realize now you’ve stepped into a

realm where only the courageous Thrive those who dwell on defeat are

left behind they once swayed you with their doubts you believed them and thought you’d never succeed but my

spirit has touched you sparking an unquenchable fire of Bravery power and

love within you you are never are not and will never be a coward you are my child the bravest of

the Brave the Victor among Victors While others dwell on their

weaknesses and troubles you stand tall waving the flag of

victory march onward and don’t look back as there are many who wish you to forget

about triumphing but you have chosen to serve the almighty God allowing me to inscribe

my word upon your heart and asking me to light your path with my radiant light

we are united you in me and I in you each morning I gift you with many

Supernatural gifts and spiritual talents come wash your face in the Living Waters

that flow from my word my mercies are renewed daily believe in them embrace

them receive them and Proclaim them if you so wish but never forget them

challenges will arise and if you let your guard down discourage ment and despair will strike you

deeply you’ll lose your strength your vision will blur your spiritual

sensitivity will diminish and you’ll forget this living word that empowers you so

greatly therefore I urge you to keep striving but don’t rely solely on your human

strength don’t be like those filled with pride who forget their God who loves and yearns for them deeply stay true to your

path you were born for success to fulfill Your Divine Purpose my blessing

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