Facing the Future – God Message Today

dear one why does your heart tremble

with fear what causes you to gaze into

the future with such unease and

apprehension I am your creator the one

who sculpted you for a Divine Purpose my

design was not to abandon you but to

cherish and remember you always in my

eyes you are a precious gem the very

essence of my love and

creation do not let the shadows of

sadness or the chains of discouragement

in snare you fear and worry Have No

Dominion over you for my arms of Endless

Love are eternally outstretched towards

you offering guidance and support

through every trial and

tribulation you are beloved beyond

measure a radiant Jewel that brings joy

to my heart the focus of my loving gaze

my presence in your life is a constant


force in moments of Joy or sorrow health

or ailment I remain steadfastly by your

side remember always you are my

cherished child I vigilantly watch over

you protecting your dreams and lighting

your path with the Luminous Beacon of

Hope and

guidance therefore let go of your

worries and trust me with your burdens

and needs do not bear these heavy loads

alone place your trust wholly in me and

lay down your burdens at my feet seek

Refuge In My Embrace and allow me to

lift the weight that troubles your mind

and heart rest in the knowledge that you

are never alone for I am here to

shoulder your burdens with you trust in

me beloved daughter trust in my

word I do not want you to be anxious for

anything much less distressed thinking

that you are alone in this hostile and

adversarial world for I your father

shall ensure that you lack nothing

neither food nor drink nor clothing I am

your God and provider and I shall make

available to you all means to attain

your desires you shall never be left in

want for my word guarantees that my

promises will be fulfilled bringing

sustenance and blessings into your life

trust in me and your dreams and desires

shall come to

fruition do not fear tomorrow for I

shall be with you at all times I only

ask that you have faith in me and I

assure you that nothing shall be lacking

for everything you need I shall

provide I will open Pathways before you

and reveal opportunities you could not

have seen doors of blessings shall be

opened for you to walk through and

partake in all my

promises remember that I am your father

the creator of the heavens and the Stars

I bestowed Beauty upon the nature that

surrounds you

today in my love and provision I

multiplied Loaves and Fishes gave drink

to the Thirsty in the desert

demonstrating my power to those who had


least so trust in me and heed my words

for your time has come this is the

moment to rise up and move forward with

confidence do not surrender or falter

for I am within you and my strength is


strength I shall be with you as you

Traverse this desert of Life quenching

your thirst and guiding you to Fountains

of Living Water where you shall never be


again come into my arms my daughter do

not fear I am here for you all you need

to do is take a step of faith and

believe that I will help you in this

challenging moment entrust your fears

and anxieties to me and do not be

consumed by the rush and worry of these


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