God Says➤ Don’t Punish Yourself By Ignoring, child | God Message Today

my beloved child I want you to have more

respect for yourself you are mine and I

value you very highly but there are lots

of people around you whose bad thoughts

keep them from being happy if you want

these people to accept you they will

force you to agree with them which means

you will have to give up your faith in

the wonderful future you have planned

you’ll feel angry and over time you

might blame me saying that many things

went wrong and I didn’t do anything to

help you still I’m talking to you right

now know that I love you very much and

will be with you through everything take

these words to heart and let them give

you power believe in me because I am

your God and your loving Heavenly Father

you can be sure that I will never leave

you and that I can do anything miracles

from another world are happening right

now as you listen your life is getting

better as new people and chances come

along if you have faith and wait things

that seem like problems will turn out to

be gifts that bring peace to your home

and provide for you you already have the

best and most important things you have

my true love tell me you believe in me

trust me and rest in my arms I am in

charge of your life do not worry I will

always be there for you and protect you

I want you to feel my presence every

morning when you open your eyes don’t

let other things take away from the

first few minutes of your day come hear

what I have to say say listen to what my

spirit says to you you have to believe

me when I say I have everything under

control things will go well as long as

I’m with you nothing or no one can hurt

you even many of the things that are

bothering you now will be fixed faster

than you think what you need will show

up at the right time I’m opening the

door that you have prayed for so long

I’m making your faith stronger I’m here

to help you get to a new place in your

life where everything will be different

do not care what other people think of

you keep your head up and live your life

with honor and hope bitter people will

always talk about how their souls are

poison it should only matter what I

think of you I think you’re great and I

know you have a good heart hold on to

what I say and when people hurt you run

to my love everything you’ve been

through I’ve been through with you I

know about all of your Falls losses wins

and problems now though it’s time time

to win and take your life to a whole new

level put the old fights behind you and

welcome a new era of success and growth

right now is the time to change your

life and begin a new story let me show

you a new way that will bring you

happiness and knowledge my love and

peace are with you so that your mind and

soul are at ease are you okay with it I

will let the Skies open up and bless

your hands I will write my word in your

heart so that you always stay on this

path of love that covers you and

forgives your flaws you are human so you

might mess up but I am a merciful god I

accept that you have changed your mind

and I will save you even if you are in

the depths my gifts are worth much more

than any money I could get everything

this world has to offer is less valuable

than what I have for you if I say I will

open the sky for you you should believe

me and say I believe you do not joke

around with this take my word for it my

love love is not a secret there’s no

secret about how much I love you feel

the air you breathe and the sun’s warmth

on your face look up at the sky these

gifts are my way of letting you know I

love you and am here for you be careful

I have saved you many times from Pain

and even death when you were on the

wrong path you were excited about the

new year and thought many good things

would happen as you go through hard

times and problems don’t stop here do

not give up your hopes and dreams will

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