God Says➤ I Will Leave Your Side if You Skip Me | God Message Today

beloved child my eyes are looking for

hearts that are honest loyal and true

hearts that love me but are afraid of

what will happen if they break my rules

I’m raising you up to help others to

support your family and to share these

powerful and holy words not to join

other people in their sins please take a

moment to listen to what I said again if

you don’t understand because you are

stressed listen to everything I say my

will is for your heart to understand the

signs I’ve sent you many times you ask

for peace and quiet and I will give it

to you but remember what I said when the

enemy comes at you like a roaring lion

trying to eat your faith and make fun of

it your spirit hears what my voice says

my word is a lamp to your feet and a

light to your path if you follow my

rules you will be stronger and more

courageous than ever they are sweeter

than honey if you stay alert no one will

hurt you don’t be afraid if you say and

think about my words all day and night I

will let you know when danger is nearby

do not be scared when bad things happen

to you I’ll make you strong you will

stand and all evil will leave when you

speak these words with faith there will

be no more pain lack or illness in your

house if you plant my word in your home

no one will be able to stand against you

my word will protect your family forever

I want your heart to be on fire your

eyes to be wide open and your mind to be

sharp to get the benefits of all your

hard work and suffering you must be

ready to accept the many good things

that will happen in the time to rule the

world you will not have to go through

anything in vain everything I do for you

is good there will be great miracles in

your home and you and your family will

know why I chose each of you take care

of everyone I tell you don’t look down

on anyone young or old do not call Dirty

something that I have cleaned don’t

bring up anyone’s past because I’ve

forgiven everything support and help the

people you care about grow this will

make me bless you even more because I

want these gifts to reach other people

through you rivers of live water that

are full and refreshing will flow from

your heart even the People You Meet

along the way will be healed and witness

Miracles people will find Hope in your

smile and many people who don’t follow

me will know that I’m real I will have

mercy on everyone who turns away from

their sins and brings their true hearts

to me just like I have mercy on you I’m

pouring love on you today I pushed away

the dark clouds of hopelessness and put

my grace over you get out of your house

raise your arms and look up at the sky

tell the Four Winds I am your Shepherd

and your provider and you promise to

trust me forever and to follow these

words until the end

do it right now take this blessing for

healing feel how strong I make you fear

not and don’t give up sharing this word

and being thankful for all the good

things I do for you will help you keep

going tell me today that you receive

them with love I want you to open your

arms wide and take in my love feel the

beautiful feeling that comes from inside

you I heard the thoughts going through

your head and saw that you couldn’t

sleep I’m here to tell you not to worry

I’m taking away your fears and the

weight of your sins that have been

hanging over you today I stitch up the

scars that are still there and free you

from your chains you can have faith in

the future right now I will be with you

every day until the end and I will never

leave you listen to what I say because I

love you so much I died on the cross and

rose from the dead so that you could

have endless life trust me when I say

something I will always be there to help

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