God Says: Embrace Endless Blessings | God Message Today

my beloved child today I bless you with peace Serenity strength and wisdom your prayer has reached my ears

and I hear the sincerity in your heart telling me you need me you’re in the right place to listen

and receive you are dearly loved just as you are I know you’re not perfect but I

see true remorse in your soul you’re working to change your character your attitudes and how you view life and

treat others I have chosen you for a blessed life you’ve been through tough times but

now you won’t have to face such trials alone my Holy Spirit and my word will

give you divine Supernatural wisdom you’re learning to make wise decisions

and not let those false friends who are really thieves of your peace faith and security manipulate you

anymore you’ll stay stand strong against any conflict you may have forgotten me in

times of need but now you will rise stronger my authority will be evident in

your expression your eyes will Sparkle with joy and gratitude and your smile will open doors and break

chains I will pour out my blessings abundantly and you will stand firm

you’ve neglected me because you needed me but now you will rise empowered the light in your eyes will show happiness a

thankful spirit and your smile will unlock many opportunities you’ll break chains for I

will shower you with plentiful blessings stand up and start your journey you will not walk

alone I will bring good people into your life who will not judge you but help you grow spiritually pushing you towards

more Harmony and unity but keep your distance from those who lead you astray those who plant

seeds of doubt and Discord in your soul it’s true that some in your family

have yet to believe and surrender their hearts to me but I want to use you to

show them my love and give them a message of hope I’m giving you the strength to

commit to your family always recognize your need for me

seek my presence immerse yourself in my word and my Holy

Spirit if you ever waver in your determination to continue remember you live in a

challenging world but for you and your family there is always hope and a firm

promise of protection unity and Abundant Blessings receive my affection and

love now tell me if you accept this wonderful blessing with joy and Faith what a splendid person you are I

love how fervent your heart is when you speak to me your joyful Spirit fills me with delight light as you bask in this

Divine happiness I offer easing any discomfort pain or

sickness after hearing me I want you to feel deeply loved you don’t have to walk

through life feeling down lamenting your circumstances I love you and today you

will feel it in many ways I will show it to you and through my powerful word I

will tell you so if someone tries to upset you you’ll

feel the Divine love that fills you instantly if sadness tries to grip You My Embrace will wrap around you driving

away all distress and filling your heart with joy your family and friends will be

amazed and ask about the source of your inexplicable happiness your enemies will

turn away ineffective and unable to harm you you will be

surrounded by a supernatural Shield of divine protection with thousands of angels stationed around your home

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