God Says: I NEED YOU TO ACT SWIFTLY | God message Today

my beloved child I will bless you care

for you surround you with favors and

mercies show you my love in various ways

heal you with peace and affection every

day and embrace you in every challenge

you face this week you will overcome for

I know you feel it and believe

it this is why I Delight in speaking to

your heart

daily you receive my word and treasure

it in your soul holding it in your mind

always remembering it

I cherish hearing you speak my promises

and come before me

kneeling this is how you will witness

many miracles in your life your faith is

growing stronger and I sense your

prayers are filled with more confidence

more certainty in your

words you understand the power of prayer

and that I will respond to you which

pleases me this week though full of

tasks will bring Tranquility to your

soul many challenges will arise to test

your faith but your heart will continue

to trust in my word

alone do not forget to give me the time

I deserve I’m more important than all

your chores and

responsibilities do not deny me a few

minutes of your life each day in silence

offer me your sincere faith and give me

your whole heart remember your dreams I

want them to become reality I want your

eyes to see what your faith and my power

power can achieve this message is very

special to you and you know it in recent

days your mind was filled with doubts

and you even thought that you prayed and

I had not heard

you but with my words I am demonstrating

that I am listening even if no words

come from your mouth and you only speak

to me in your thoughts your dreams are

my dreams your desires are my desires

and many of the plans you have will be

fulfilled because I will take care of

them I care about your life your

happiness that you feel fulfilled and

that you know you will be a great

blessing to

others whatever you do this week do it

with passion strive with the strength I

give you I am granting you much wisdom

prudence and intelligence for you to use

great Triumph and success are coming for

you I have promised it and so it has

been determined

do not doubt it it is no coincidence

that you receive this message listen

carefully let this word which can

transform you be written in your heart I

hear your thoughts I pay attention to

them your Lamentations ReSound here on

my Throne you are clamoring for a change

of life and

Direction but I will tell you what you

need to do so do not stress do not make

any harsh decisions today in silence

carefully consider everything I’m going

to tell you if you leave your place

where will you

go I brought you to where you are today

because I willed it I have helped you

thus far and you cannot deny it

sometimes you Despair and do not know

what to think but I assure you my child

you do not need to worry I have taken

you by the hand and will continue to

guide you now with peace and much

Serenity I’m filling you with Divine oil

anointing your head and a fragrance of

security Stillness and Tranquility

floods your

room my presence in your life is real

not a figment of your

imagination the same power that sustains

the universe is writing these words to

you and the same affection that has

cared for you since childhood guides the

voice that SWS this word in your heart

marking your

destiny you do not need to Wander from

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