God Says: IT’S A TRAP WAIT ON ME | God message Today

my most precious and beloved child I come to you today with a message of utmost importance one that requires your

full attention and unwavering trust in me the situation that lies before you is fraught with deception and hidden

dangers a trap carefully laid to ens snare you and Lead You astray from your destined path but fear

not my child for I am ever present a constant Beacon of guidance and

protection in the midst of life’s challenges my love for you is immeasurable transcending the boundaries

of human understanding and it is this unconditional love that compels me to warn you of the perilous snare that has

been set before you the Trap you face may take many forms a tempting

opportunity that promises fleeting Pleasures but conceals lasting consequences a seductive voice

Whispering lies and half-truths or a seemingly harmless choice that could lead you down a path

of spiritual Peril regardless of its guise this trap is a test a challenge

designed to assess the depth of your faith and the strength of your resolve in these moments of uncertainty

I urge you to pause and turn your gaze inward for it is there in the sacred

sanctuary of your soul that you will find the wisdom and discernment to navigate this

trial listen closely to The Whispers of your heart for I have imbued it with an

innate sense of Truth a compass that will guide you away from the dangers that lurk in the

shadows it is imperative my child that you resist the

temptation to act hastily or to surrender to the Allure of immediate gratification the Trap that has been

laid is cunning and subtle designed to Prey Upon Your vulnerabilities and exploit your weaknesses but you are

stronger than you realize for within you burns the Eternal Flame of my Divine love a love that can illuminate even the

darkest of paths and expose the lies that seek to to and snare you wait on me

my beloved child and I will guide you through this trial trust in my timing

for it is perfect and infallible born of an infinite wisdom that transcends the limitations of human

understanding when the moment is right I will reveal the path forward a path that

will lead you away from the snares that have been set and towards the Fulfillment of your sacred

Destiny in the meantime fortify your faith and nurture your connection with

me seek me in the Stillness of your heart in the beauty of Nature and in the moments of quiet

contemplation allow my love to fill you to strengthen you and to remind you of

the unbreakable bond that exists between us and when doubt Creeps in when The

Whispers of fear and uncertainty threaten to overwhelm you turn to me and

I will be your beacon your Guiding Light in the Darkness for I am ever present ever watchful and

ever loving a constant companion on this journey shielding you from harm and

Illuminating the path that leads to your highest good remember my child that you

are never alone I am with you in every moment in every breath and in every

heartbeat my love surrounds you protects you and empowers you to rise above the

challenges that life presents so wait on me my beloved trust in my

perfect timing and have faith that I will reveal the way forward when the moment is right for this trap though

cunning and deceptive bow is no match for the power of our sacred Bond and the unwavering strength of your faith

together we will navigate this trial and you will emerge Victorious your spirit

fortified your wisdom deepened and your connection with me stronger than ever

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