God’s Message: I will Fear no Evil | God Message Now

a Marvel that is so enormous that it will leave you in amazement at this very instant the

juncture the Turning Point fear is dispelled and confidence is allowed to take flight let caution serve as your

guidance in every action and choice you make and let dedication be your continuous companion no matter

what at this very now I am composing a symphony of benefits for you and the

people you hold dear a waterfall of heavenly favor that will come down upon you like the most copious

rain in order to manage the ideas that are always whirling about in your head

you have been looking for a sign or a confirmation this moment I will provide

Clarity this is the time to go beyond what is familiar to you to break free from the shackles of fear that have been

holding you prisoner for a very long time fear has been a shackle that has

held your Ambitions which are as expansive as the night sky and your goals which are as magnificent

as the morning but that is no longer the case dear one I want you to take my hand

and accompany me as we go over the horizon everything in your life is going to change and nothing will be the same

as it was before during this Voyage you should not allow fear serve as your guide my

presence is with you at all times day and night directing each step in accordance with my Flawless and

unfailing plan cling to me and pray passionately at every intersection I am with you

please dear one open your Bible and pray with all your heart from the bottom of your heart during this Holy Communion I

will reveal to you the truth behind my words which will go beyond the realm of ordinary fiction in the same way that

the sun rises and sets my promise continues to be unshakable living and

destined to be fulfilled I am your guide and I will lead you to a location where you will

develop and grow I will take you by the hand the unique door that I’m opening

for you is not only a metaphor rather it is a reality that is simply waiting to be shown to

you from this day forward you will be able to see the shift that occurs in your life as you are on the verge of

seeing your ideas and aspirations come to reality I encourage you to accept my blessing

with the course of your trip you will come across Souls who are congruent with your vision and together you will

construct a future that is abundant with Marvels and benefits at this point in time you are

unable to comprehend the magnitude of the plans that I have for you in this new chapter you will come

across people who are genuine and outstanding thus it is important that you treat each individual with respect

and attention help will come from places that you would not anticipate maintain your senses and your

soul in a state of alertness whenever the door swings open and possibilities call out to you you

should be prepared to go through it without being burdened by insignificant

activities you are familiar with me the message that I am trying to convey to you is Crystal obvious and you have

understood its core put your faith in my direction because I am constantly at

your side directing the course you should go you must have faith in my

affection for you best wishes to you my lovely kid are you able to spare some

time for a conversation with me I have something really important to mention to you something that is related to your

life which is quite valuable always keep in mind that you were saved from the edge of defeat

dragged from the depths as a result of a sacrifice that was both enormous and deep

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