God’s Precious Message: FEEL MY HOLY SPIRIT | God Message Today

God message today my child this message

is a special gift just for you I’ve

chosen this moment to reach out because

there’s something vital I need to share

within this video lies a sign a miracle

mint for your eyes only please give it

your attention let’s embark on this

journey together listen closely for my

words are here to guide Inspire en light

your path forward God says my beloved

child I want to take this moment to

speak directly to you to comfort you and

to remind you of the unwavering love I

have for you in your journey through

life there will be times when you

stumble and fall it’s a part of the

human experience a part of the growth

I’ve designed for you I see your

struggles your efforts to stand strong

in the face of challenges and I want you

to know that it’s completely okay to not

be perfect you see I created you with

your strengths and weaknesses knowing

that both are necessary for your growth

and learning each mistake you make every

time you fall you are not failing you

are stepping closer to the person I have

envisioned you to be so when you stumble

or when things don’t go as planned

remember you are not walking this path

alone I am here right beside you ready

to C at you to comfort you and to guide

you forward do not give up on yourself

for I have not given up on you your

journey is filled with lessons that are

shaping you molding you into a stronger

more compassionate person these trials

though they may seem harsh are blessings

in Disguise meant to empower you not to

break you remember every mountain and

every Valley is part of your story a

story that I am intricately weaving with

threads of Grace hope and love I want

you to lift your head up and look around

you see the beauty of the world I have

created a world that continues to spin

in its orbit a testament to my control

and care just as I keep the universe in

Balance I am perfectly capable of

guiding your steps trust in me lean on

me I am your father your Creator your

greatest supporter in moments of Doubt

come to me in prayer talk to me as you

would a loving father pour out your

fears your dreams your frustrations and

your hopes I am always listening always

caring your words never go unheard my

love for you is boundless unfailing and

unconditional you are my child precious

in every way moreover over I encourage

you to extend this love and grace to

those around you be a light in the

darkness a source of warmth in the cold

just as I am patient and forgiving with

you so you should be with others show

them the same love that I have showered

upon you in doing so you not only

fulfill my command but you also reflect

my heart to the world in closing my dear

child remember that I am with you you

always in your waking hours and in your

sleep in your joyful dances and in your

quiet tears I am there do not fear the

future nor regret the past for I am the

god of all time and in my plan

everything has its place my sonchild as

you step out each day remember my grace

is sufficient for you my strength is

made perfect in your weakness when you

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