God’s Precious Message: FOLLOW MY SACRED PATH | God Message Today

God message today beloved child it’s

your creator here with a heartwarming

message for you today I share the Golden

Rule a Timeless wisdom that teaches us

to love and treat others with kindness

Embrace this simple truth and together

let’s make our world a place of love and

harmony God says my child I am your

creator your father and my love for you

is boundless the noise of the world

often drowns out the truth filling your

days with false judgments and harsh

evaluations but now in this moment Let

My Words bring you comfort and peace you

my child are wonderfully made from the

very strands of your DNA to the unique

talents and Gifts you possess everything

about you has been crafted with

intention and purpose when I formed you

in your mother’s womb I did so with

infinite care and precision you are not

a product of chance or mere coincidence

you are a masterpiece of my creation I

know the world can be unkind it will try

to label you to fit you into its molds

to tell you that you are not enough but

remember the world’s standards are not

my standards where the world seeks

Perfection I seek a heart willing to

follow me where the world seeks seeks

Beauty I look for inner Grace and

strength that endure through trials you

are my child this identity is your

truest most enduring title it is a bond

that neither time nor circumstance can

break as my child you inherit not just

my strength but also my grace my

forgiveness and my boundless Mercy I

love you not for what you can do but for

who you are beloved cherished and valued

beyond measure I have watched you grow

seen you struggle and cheered for you in

your victories each step of your journey

I have been there even in moments when

you felt most alone my presence

encircles you always a constant

reassurance that you never face life’s

highs and lows by yourself as you move

forward let this knowledge be your

foundation and strength approach each

day with confidence knowing that you are

equipped with Divine Purpose when

obstacles arise as they often will

remember that they are not roadblocks

but Stepping Stones designed to bring

you closer to me into the Fulfillment of

your destiny hold on to faith hope and

love these three but the greatest of

these is love love transforms heals and

creates Bridges where none exists did

before as I love you so are you to love

those around you reflecting my light in

a world that often dwells in Shadows

finally be gentle with yourself you are

a work in progress and I am the Potter

who shapes the clay allow me to mold you

guide you and lead you to places you

never imagined for I have plans for you

plans to prosper you and not to harm you

plans to give you hope hope and a future

my son you might sometimes feel

overwhelmed by challenges or doubts but

do not lose heart in these times drawn

near to me in prayer and through my word

in scripture you will find wisdom for

your decisions and strength for your

spirit it is a lamp unto your feet and a

light unto your path guiding you in the

way you should go reflect on the stories

of those who walked before you who fac

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