God’s Precious Message: GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION | God Message Today

my dearest child today I your heavenly father am reaching out to speak to your

heart listen closely for these words are not just letters strung together but a

call to a higher more profound way of living my beloved child you are walking

through a world teeming with turmoil where the Winds of fairness and reciprocity blow fiercely in such a

world the common Creed often shouts treat others as they treat you yet I am

here to whisper a more sacred way into your soul I say to you treat people with

love regardless of how they treat you this is the path I modeled for you you

see when I walked among you my actions were not reflections of others attitudes

but were driven by unconditional love and unending mercy I did not come to

respond in kind but to offer kindness to all even those who stood against me I

healed the sick who cried out to me and forgave those who betrayed me remember

how on the cross even in unimaginable pain I chose Mercy saying father forgive

them for they do not know what they are doing this is the essence of divine love

a love that does not calculate wrongs or seek to balance scales of Justice by

human standards instead it overflows from a place of immense compassion and

deep understanding my child I call you to embody this love treat others not

merely with the Justice they deserve but with the grace they might not expect

this is how light pierces through the darkness let me tell you why this matters when you choose to love as I

love you invite others into an experience of the Divine you become a

Beacon of Hope and a testament to what it means to be truly human in a world

where hearts are hardened and divisions deepen your act of unconditional love

becomes a Bridge Over Troubled Waters a healing salv on festering wounds do not

be discouraged by the enormity of this task you are not walking this path alone

I Am with You guiding and empowering you when the journey seems too daunting when

your own heart feels too frail remember that my strength is made perfect in your

weakness lean on me and I will sustain you draw from my well and you will never

thirst let your life be a mirror reflecting my love to others in places

where Spite and bitterness grow plant seeds of kindness and watch them bloom

where you find despair be a voice of Hope to those who are over overlooked or

undervalued extend recognition and respect treat everyone with a dignity

that says they are seen they are known and they are loved not for what they do

or how they respond but because they are creations of my own hand in doing so you

will not only transform the lives around you but you will be transformed each Act

of Love engraves deeper into your spirit the very image of your creator with

every step you take on this path you will find yourself drawing closer to me

and as you come closer you will understand more fully the depth of my love for you so my child go forth in

this Divine calling where there is hatred s love where there is injury

pardon where there is doubt Faith where there is despair hope where there is

Darkness light and where there is sadness Joy remember the greatest of all

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