I’m a God of Miracles | God Says | God Message Today

my cherished child here I am with you enveloping you in my boundless love know

that every moment spent in my presence is precious and significant as you listen to me you will

find yourself liberated and complete my love is your anchor and my peace fills

you with Tranquility in the face of new challenges approach them with a Serene

Spirit while fear May grip those around you rest assured that here with me you

remain calm and secure my unconditional love for you knows no bounds and I

promise to Stand By Your Side through every trial and tribulation before we progress on this

Divine path let’s cultivate a garden of positivity hit the like button to plant

seeds of inspiration and type Amen to witness the blossoming of collective Faith your engagement is the water that

nourishes our journey my child speak it out loud and inscribe it in your heart who loves you

as deeply as I do who has moved Heaven and Earth to bring you blessings to comfort you in your moments of sorrow

and to wipe away your tears who has sacrificed everything for your sake cherishing you beyond measure who has

triumphed over death itself demonstrating that you too can overcome any obstacle or

limitation you are the Beloved child of the Eternal holy and all powerful King

you are the recipient of divine blessings and the embodiment of victory in me you will always find a safe haven

I am your constant Shield offering comfort in times of joy and strength in times of

challenge I will lift you from the depths of Despair and illuminate your path even in the darkest of

hours today I extend to you an invitation listen to my words with a

tranquil heart do not let fear grip you when you find yourself walking through

uncertain or shadowy paths remember you are never alone my hand is

always entwined with yours guiding you toward a life overflowing with blessings

rest in the Assurance of my unconditional love and trust that I will lead you out of the darkness that

sometimes clouds your soul let your faith ignite the flame within you and bring Clarity to my words allow your

heart to rejoice in the gentle Embrace of my voice let me reassure you your

future is secure in my hand I hold your destiny with tender care and I will bless you abundantly washing away

the struggles and painful memories of your past when you fully understand the depth of my love for you you’ll find an

eternal longing within you feel my love surrounding you wrapping you in warmth and transforming Your Heart In My

Embrace all conflicts dissolve and peace fills every corner of your being

remember I didn’t create you to suffer endlessly let your faith ignite and dare

to believe in the Miracles I have in store for you you were brought into this world to inherit the keys to my kingdom

empowering you to be brave and claim the blessings waiting for you your destiny isn’t to sit in despair but to

experience Victory after Victory blessing after blessing this is your

Divine Purpose my beloved sense the gentleness of my presence as I hold you

close in my holy Embrace Don’t Be Afraid even when others try to instill fear in

you my spirit fills you with courage and in moments of doubt I’ll whisper words

of comfort and love to soothe your soul it’s not my desire for you to carry the weight of sadness and guilt I’ve

forgiven your sins and you are free from the burden of Shame don’t let anyone

convince you otherwis or burden you with bitterness from the first light of dawn until the stars twinkled in the night

sky I watch over you my protection surrounds you always treasure these

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