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appreciated you are in my eyes every beat of your heart every sigh are

witnesses of the infinite love I have for you I the creator of the universe

chose you to be a Channel of my love and light to the world there is no task too

small nor dream too big that I cannot transform if you are by my side even

before you were born I already knew your paths and knew the challenges you would face every tear every smile everything

is under my care do not worry about what is beyond your control for I am here to

guide and protect you trust in me for I am the one who will never abandon you

and will always be with you even in the darkest moments it is in your vulnerability that you will find the

strength of my love and in your weakness that my grace will manifest more fully

do not be afraid for my love is your Fortress and my Mercy is your refuge in

times of adversity I see your effort your dedication and more importantly

your faith these are the qualities that will make you prosper and achieve the fullness of my

promises declare I trust in you God and accept your guidance in my

life when you feel that the burden is too heavy remember that I am by your

side sharing every weight and every worry rise with each fall for I am here

to lift you up up my love for you is eternal and nothing can separate it from

you even when the world seems to crumble seek my presence and you will find peace

I have prepared paths for you that your eyes have not yet seen and blessings

that your heart has not yet understood walk with confidence knowing that the future is secure because you

are under my care keep the faith for I am faithful and will fulfill all the

promises I made to you your present is just the beginning of what I have for

you my dear child you are the light of the world shine brightly for the world

needs the warmth and light you have to offer you are an extension of my love

and through you many will know the truth your testimony will be a beacon for the

lost and your life a child of praise to my name I chose you with a special

purpose no one can take your place or accomplish the work for which you were created so uniquely your uniqueness is a

gift that I gave to the world do not doubt your importance for each life

touched by you is for my glory declare God I thank you for your promises and

trust my future in your hands your faith is the seed I planted in your heart

cultivate it with love prayer and action with each passing day it will grow and

produce abundant fruits trust in time for there is a perfect moment for

everything I see your heart and know that you are committed to following me stay strong and you will see great

wonders in your life my dear child the time has come to

remind you that you are more than your fears and anxieties your true Essence resides in me and you are called to live

a life of peace peace love and purpose the security you seek is not in the

things of the world but in the unwavering Faith you place in me I am your anchor in the midst of Storms and

with my firm hand I guide your boat to calm Waters each challenge faced is an

opportunity to witness my power in action even when you do not understand

the Recs trust that every detail is under my perfect control and that

everything rutes to your good there are moments when silence may

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