Its Not Coincidence – God Message Today

my beloved child hear my words for it is

no coincidence that they reach you

now listen carefully to my voice focus

on the message of love and understanding

I bring you

today know that this message comes not

by chance but as a heartfelt expression

of my love aiming to touch every part of

your soul and invite deep

reflection there are many who ignore my

call and are swept Along by the currents

of this world World they fall into

distractions and temptations that lead

only to ruin and estrangement from My

Love Therefore today my child I

earnestly implore you to heed my words

and avoid the empty fleeting and

superficial paths prevalent in these

times remember the world offers a life

full of desires pleasures and

temptations all designed to draw you

away from me ultimately leading to your

downfall in this era I see so many

getting carried away by worldly desires

following its Trends and practices which

only bring

sorrow the lures of this world are

plentiful and its pathways are

deceptive though the ways of the world

may seem attractive and full of Promise

they in truth lead to the death of the

soul but you my beloved child must not

allow yourself to be pulled down by

these forces for they will lead you into

darkness and

desolation do not be enticed by the

false promises and fleeting Illusions

offered by the prince of this

world be not misled by Voices That aim

to draw you away from my path and

distort my truth my desire for you is to

live a life filled with joy and

happiness to achieve this it’s essential

to follow my teachings hold them dear in

your heart and apply them in all asp

aspects of your

life understand that my teachings are

your Guiding Light leading you safely

and giving you strength in hard

times know my child that I don’t ask you

to isolate from the world but to not

align with its negative values and

practices aim to be a positive force

around you spreading my love and

truth shine as a light in darkness a

symbol of Hope in a world craving love

following my commands and principles

will bring you inner peace and true

richness that comes from a life in tune

with me do not fear the hurdles you

might face for I am always with you

don’t lose heart facing daunting

challenges within them lie chances for

growth and

strengthening your trials are Stepping

Stones leading to Victory success and

abundance trust in me wholly and let me

guide your life

follow my will and let my spirit guide


decisions thus I encourage you my child

not to be swept away by worldly currents

but to diligently follow my teachings

and live by their

principles resist the lures and

dishonesty in the world for they lead to

ruin seek wisdom and guidance in my

words for a life filled with prosperity


fulfillment remember living in obedience

to my teachings will bestow upon you


Blessings my desire is for you to

flourish in every aspect of your life

finding the true peace happiness and

prosperity that only I can provide do

not drift away from my presence nor let

the world draw you away from my loving

arms trust in me and follow my

Commandments even when challenges Loom

large you will see how everything aligns

for your

benefit my child I love you and always

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