Just Trust In Me | God Message Today

my child my beloved one hear my words and let them sink deep into your heart I

am the way the truth and the life the beginning and the end the Alpha and

Omega all things were created through me and for me I am The Great I Am existing

outside of time and space yet ever present in every moment when the world

was formless and void I was there when the stars were flung into the vast

expanse I set them on their courses I breathed life into the first man and

walked with him in the cool of the garden though he turned from me I did not abandon him or his

descendants through prophet after Prophet I declared my faithfulness and made Covenant after Covenant with my

people then when the time was right I humbled myself and took on human form I

the king of kings and Lord of lords entered into my own creation as a helpless babe I walked this Earth as a

man showing you the way to the father though I had nowhere to lay my head my

heart overflowed with love for you I opened blind eyes and unstopped deaf

ears I made the lame to walk and the mute to sing for Joy I stilled the

storms and fed the multitudes my words held such Authority that even the winds and the waves obeyed

me yet I did not cling to my glory but poured myself out for you to the last

drop on that dark night in Gethsemane I witnessed the anguish to come in the

garden I took upon myself the sins of all past present and future sins foul

stain clung to me as I sweat great drops of blood still I said she not my will

but yours be done for the joy set before me I endured the cross despising its shame they bound

me and brought me before unjust judges though I had done no wrong they mocked

me and beat me I did not open my mouth to accuse them like a lamb led to

slaughter I walked willingly to calvary’s Hill there they stripped me and nailed my hands and feet to that

Rugged Cross as I hung Between Heaven and Earth they hurled insults at me and

gambled for my cloak yet with my dying breaths I spoke forgiveness e father

forgive them for they know not what they do such love to Pardon those who pierced

me in my time of deepest Agony the sky grew black as pitch and the Earth

convulsed At Last I cried e it is finished then gave up my spirit I passed

through the valley of the shadow of death itself yet on the third day death

could not hold me I shattered its chains and rose again glorious and Victorious

over sin death hell and the grave days I walked among my disciples once

more opening their eyes to the truth of all that had happened then with uplifted

hands I ascended to my Throne at the father’s right hand from there I reign

supreme over every power and authority my child though you cannot see

me I am nearer than your very breath I am the same yesterday today and forever

I am the beginning and the end the resurrection and the life apart from me

you can do nothing but through me you can do all things for I am the vine and

you are the branches trust in me and you will never be put to shame does the path ahead seem

Rocky and uncertain I will be your guide are you weighed down by sin and sorrow I will be

your burden Bearer do the lies of the enemy threatened to overwhelm you I will

be your Truth for I have not given you a spirit IR of fear but of power love and

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