Today’s Message from God: DOORS WILL OPEN FOR YOU | God’s Message Now

my precious child these words are meant for you my beloved one whether you’re my

daughter or my son you come to me with open arms seeking Solace and guidance

never lose heart or feel discouraged each day you display your unwavering

Faith a testament to your strength and beauty and most importantly your profound impact it fills my heart with

joy to see your steadfast belief in me I want to envelop you in my love to heal any lingering wound

and to reassure you of just how deeply I cherish you as you lay down to rest each

night I desire for you to be filled with joy and as you awaken each morning to greet the day with a solid faith that it

will surpass the last wherever you are Feel My Embrace my hands gently guiding

your thoughts and illuminating your path I have wondrous gifts and surprises in store for you but I ask that you

remain steadfast and never tired of seeking me you needn’t even utter a word

just close your eyes and bask in the love that I pour upon you let these words of comfort sink deep

into your soul know that I yearn for your happiness and peace I am poised to

alleviate your struggles and Usher in a season of abundance for you and your family though you may sometimes feel

insignificant in comparison to those with worldly possessions remember that your true blessing lies in your intimate

connection with me you possess a spiritual depth that many may never comprehend I am always here to listen

ready to open doors that may remain closed to others guiding you towards Paths of wisdom and fulfillment do not

covet what others have nor stray from the righteous path your worth in my eyes

is not measured by Earthly possessions or accomplishments hold your head high knowing that you are deeply valued and

cherished by me do not fear for my teachings are familiar to you my house

is always open and you are always welcome here this is your Sanctuary where you are heard with care and

attention you won’t find such pure and profound love anywhere else my dear

child my love for you is boundless I hold your blessings close ready to address all your concerns come and claim

them you know my love for you is genuine you felt it before and still feel it deep within even amidst distance or The

Whispers of doubt that suggest you failed or that I don’t love you disregard those doubts there’s a flicker

of light in your heart and a deep yearning to return to this place that eagerly awaits and misses you don’t

hesitate draw near I understand your confusion and

uncertainty you believed you had faith yet things didn’t unfold as expected

especially with those you trusted deeply you felt abandoned thinking I wasn’t

there when you needed me but I always arrive at the perfect moment I’ve always

watched over you provided the answers and assistance you needed even if you didn’t recognize it at the time I’ve

spoken to you with gentle words but you’ve struggled to accept them finding it difficult to believe that I your

almighty God would speak directly to you now turn around and realize you are cherished here this place is your Haven

your Safe Harbor where you can find Solace peace restful sleep and allow me

to lead you into something extraordinary to tonight you’ll experience a dream where you stand by a river with Crystal

Clear Water gazing into my eyes I’ll reach out to you and as you walk

Barefoot across this miraculous water it will cleanse you of all your Sorrows frustrations and fears when you awaken

tomorrow you’ll feel rejuvenated infused with Newfound strength this

transformation is a gift for those who choose to believe again who acknowledge their shortcomings and ReDiscover their

faith you don’t need to look far for Solace I’m right here beside you my words carry vitality and benevolence

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