Today’s Message from God: FEEL MY HEART OF LOVE | God Message Now

my cherished ones as I impart this Divine message unto you sense the depths of my love and mercy and folding you

know that in your trials I am beside you walking every step of the way though the

challenges May Loom large trust that I will guide you through the Tempest within you lies all that is needed to

Triumph for my spirit resides within your very being you are not feeble or alone no matter the weight of the

burdens upon you through my Triumph you too are victorious my strength now

courses through your veins the Crux lies in your unwavering

belief if you allow Deus thoughts to rule your mind you’ll find yourself ens

snared in a cycle of negativity making no Headway instead transform your

mindset to see yourself as I see you elevated in the Heavenly Realms beyond

the reach of any adversity the adversary May hurl your way as we move forward on this journey

let’s so seeds of love and faith like this video and type Amen to sew the seeds of positivity and encouragement

your participation nurtures our path and together we cultivate a garden of divine blessings my truths and assurances

transcend the limitations seeking to bind you embrace the Declarations of my word and firmly resist any notion that

contradicts them even when breakthrough seems distant stand firm upon the Bedrock of my promises placing your full

trust in in my power not your own simply have faith and align yourself with this spiritual Reality by boldly proclaiming

my word every day many of my beloved children face a formidable barrier disbelief the reluctance to trust in my

unfailing promises for them in this very moment yet know this my word is not

dormant but alive and damic sharper than any two- edit sword each utterance

carries within it my boundless power and Divine Touch to liberate mend provide shield and embolden those who dare to

embrace it Faith stands as the triumphant force that conquers the entrenched systems of

this world should you find yourself feeble boldly declare that my strength Finds Its perfection in your weakness if

you sense lack Proclaim with unwavering faith that I am Jehovah jir the benevolent provider who tends to all

your Necessities according to my boundless riches and Splendor if the weight of the world

presses upon you reject weariness and assert that my yoke is gentle and my load is light walk steadfastly in the

realm of belief not swayed by fleeting emotions that may lead astray fasten yourself securely to my

truth in due course your emotions and circumstances will harmonize indeed as

it is written the righteous shall Thrive by faith dear child your faith ignites

my intervention approach me boldly for to the one who believes fervently all

things are within reach recall how Moses raised his staff before the Red Sea that staff symbolized faith

in my omnipotence not his own similarly your faith Taps into my reservoir of

miraculous potency with me nothing remains beyond your grasp because you

trust I have bestowed upon you unique gifts talents and capabilities designed

for your Divine Purpose wield them with audacity and conviction assured of my

guidance in directing your steps do not measure yourself against others each

individual occupies a distinctive place within my body entrusted with a task to

execute with Zeal and Excellence witness the Wonders I shall perform through your

faithful stewardship of the blessings I have entrusted to you do you wrestle

with feelings of inadequacy insecurity or fear of failure I am meticulously

attending to every detail concerning you remain receptive modest and yielded in

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