You Are Enough: Embracing Your Identity in Christ

my beloved precious children oh how my

heart overflows with love for each one

of you as I look upon each of you I am

filled with a deep joy and a profound

passion to see you embrace the truth of

your worth in the eyes of our heavenly

father today I want to remind you that

you are enough you are cherished valued

and adored beyond measure you are

fearfully and wonderfully made in the

image of God in a world that constantly

bump bombards you with messages of

inadequacy it is easy to lose sight of

your true

identity Society tells you that you are

defined by your accomplishments your

possessions or your outer appearance but

my dear friends these are mere Shadows

of the truth they do not define who you

are nor do they determine your worth

your worth is not dependent on what you

do what you have or what others say

about you your worth is rooted in

something far greater something Eternal

you were created in the image of God and

within you lies the Divine spark of the

Creator himself you are a masterpiece

intricately woven together with love

purpose and

intention each one of you is unique with

gifts talents and abilities that are

meant to be shared with the world you

have a purpose that only you can fulfill

I know that life can be challenging I

know that there are moments when you

feel you have fallen short when shame

and guilt threaten to drown out the

truth of your worth but my dear friends

I want you to remember this there is

nothing you can do that will ever

separate you from the love of God his

love is boundless unconditional and

NeverEnding no matter the mistakes you

have made no matter the pain you have

endured his Love Remains

steadfast when you feel weak when you

doubt your worth I want you to recognize

that that I am there with you in spirit

I am not a distant aloof God I am

intimately acquainted with your thoughts

your fears and your Joys I am the friend

who never leaves your side The Confidant

who knows you better than anyone else in

those moments of Doubt call upon me and

I will be there to remind you of your

Worth to lift you up with my love and to

guide you back to the truth of who you

are in God’s eyes my dear friends the

world needs you it needs your unique

voice your gifts and your passion it

needs your love your kindness and your

compassion there are broken hearts

waiting to be healed weary Souls longing

for comfort and lost souls searching for

truth you have the power to impact lives

to bring hope where there is Despair and

to shine a light in the darkest of

places but in order to do so you must

first embrace embrace your own worth you

must recognize that you are enough just

as you are you are not defined by your

past your mistakes or your

circumstances you are defined by the

love of a heavenly father who sees you

as his beloved child it is from this

place of knowing of truly understanding

your worth in God’s eyes that you will

be able to step into the fullness of who

you were created to be and make a

lasting impact on the

world believe in yourself my dear

friends believe in the power that lies

within you embrace your worth and let it

radiate from every fiber of your

being I will be there with you in spirit

empowering guiding and Whispering words

of affirmation and

love together we will bring about a

transformation that transcends the

bounds of this Earthly realm and so my

beloved children go forth with

confidence knowing that you are enough

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